ABOUT US:-NAME: BRILLIANCE FAMILY INTERNATIONALOUR MISSION: CREATING LASTING SOLUTIONS TO POVERTY,  IGNORANCE AND SOCIAL  INJUSTICES. OUR VALUES Respect for human dignityIntegrity and reliability in all operationsCommitmentSocial JusticeEquality and EquityGender MainstreamingWholeness and InclusiessProfessionalism Morality OUR HISTORY:- BRILLIANCE FAMILY INTERNATIONAL was founded the year 2012 and started  to operate  as a Community  Based Organisation  in Njoro, Nakuru county of the Republic of Kenya. Today we work in 5 countries to create  access to education,  health care,  mitigate the  impact of  HIV /AIDS, water and  sanitation and humanitarian  welfare. Over the next 20 years our ambition is to transform the lives of  2 billion  people! The founder of this establishment conceived the idea of transforming the lives of people  after his own personal poverty  stricken  background,  that almost  shut the doors of the opportunities  he had. Years ago, a young man by the name Isaac Muthengi, an African, Kenyan by his birth and currently a teacher by university education, a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by his calling-Pastor to all of humanity, conceived and birthed  BRILLIANCE FAMILY INTERNATIONAL.   Isaac says, “As Christ models for us all: I have room at my feet under my garments of salvation; my robe of righteousness, for all of humanity. This is regardless of race, creed, credo or ethos. I grew up to being in the humble, tribal village of Gakirwe. The village located in the Eastern region of Tharaka Nithi county, Kenya. Kenya is a country of more than 50 million inhabitants. It is located in Eastern Africa and has coastline on the Indian Ocean.  An orphan; I was abandoned at a tender age, by my mother and father, to my grandparents and the neighbors. My infancy and childhood were steeped in suffering. By my own experiences, I have an abundance of compassion for the suffering of all of humanity. As an orphaned child I suffered, a multitude of hardships. Among them: emotional, physical and economic. My soul ached for the love of my mother and father. I hungered, as my body was underfed and malnourished. I thirsted for clean water to drink. I suffered for the lack of medical treatment; a  physicians’ care and medicine. Suffer, I did. Compassion, I have. By the  of God, scholarships and the generosity of individual donors, I attended St. Paul’s University in Nakuru, Kenya and Bakke Graduate University,  U.S.A I earned a Bachelors degree in English language  and English literature and currently  a Transformational  Leadership  student at BAKKE GRADUATE UNIVERSITY,  USA. I went on to have a successful, 14 year, career as a High school Teacher and Principal, in Kenya. In service to my country and society, I taught youths about how to critically think. Thus enabling the potential for successful lives. My career was professionally rewarding and intellectually stimulating. I received a Revelation from the Lord, to start an International  NGO that will will create lasting solutions to POVERTY, IGNORANCE AND SOCIAL INJUSTICES. I got also a great urge to serve as a Pastor of the meek; full time. The year was 2018. I was serving as Principal of Brigdan Academy( bordering Nairobi and Machakos counties) in Kenya. I resigned my career position, to serve the call.” It is against this background  that , BRILLIANCE FAMILY  INTERNATIONAL was legally registered in several  other countries.