A quality basic education is something which every child should get regardless of their family background and community to which they belong. We strive to get educated in order to experience a good livelihood. Education being an integral part of our life, spreading awareness about education will support development in education system and more opportunities for children .We are  focusing on children’s rights and other issues related to children. One of our primary focus areas is learning and education, especially for children in emergencies and crises, children in extreme poverty, and children facing discrimination. We start from early childhood, to help ensure that children are adequately prepared for schooling by providing preschool environments and in-home teaching materials. We don’t  leave our clientele  at that level. We make sure they complete  the  education cycle.  We also assist  the adults  who dropped  out of school to access education and training in their respective  careers.  For instance,  each  year we graduate  Christian Ministers  with a bachelor degree in Theology majoring in Marriage and FAMILY COUNSELLING, at our own ran BRILLIANCE FAMILY SEMINARIES.