Healthcare services have been challenged and livelihoods have been destroyed. According to the World Bank, global poverty is expected to increase to 8.6% – for the first time in the last 20 years. While even the most advanced economies, which are currently most affected by the COVID-19 virus, are going to contract, the poorest countries, especially in Africa where the virus has still not widespread, are going to be economically most affected. Deterioration in health and economy leads to other social problems like inequality, discrimination, conflict, crime, lower education, violation of human rights and disorder.Depression is the most commonly diagnosed mental illness in many parts of Africa  and the stigma and limited public knowledge means traditional medicine and spiritual management are the most common forms of treatment.  Brilliance Family  through our Mental Health Literacy and Improved Patients Safety Empowering Communities Project partnership is empowering communities and patients to take action for better health incluiding safer mental health by improving levels of safety and knowledge in health institutions and by providing mental health educational materials to communities deprived of contemporary communication channels.